OK, it’s been a wild ride. Buckle up, we’re going in.

Well, the Tory membership were too racist to appoint a brown man so they went for Truss.

There are lots of in depth reports on how she and Kwarteng are the end goal of the Tufton Street dark money mafia (google ‘Led By Donkeys’, an eye opener). The goal was to slash state spending and end taxes and regulations for companies. For too long the woke lefties have stopped the market from leading us to a glorious capitalist utopia.

They implemented the Tufton Street polices.

The market freaked out.

The bank of England had to bail the government out to the tune of £65 BILLION, just to stabalise the damage.

Kwarteng tried to say lessons were learned, quickly translated by The Secret

Truss decided to blame it all on The Anti-Growth Coalition. A fantasy collective that was basically anyone who wasn’t her or Kwarteng.

She threw Kwarteng under the bus to try and save her skin.

But the knives were out.

But let’s be fair, it wasn’t just her. Suella/ Cruella Braverman said she dreamed of flying terrified, desperate, asylum seekers to concentration camps in Rwanda.

As if that wasn’t enough she then invented another fantasy Enemy Of The People

I immediately ordered the T-shirt.

(The illuminati “eye” is an avocado, which is nice touch. And the AGC, initials for the Anti Growth Coalition.)

Before it had even been posted she was gone after (deliberately, it now seems) sending confidential documents on a private email, or something.

The Daily Star, who had been running a live webcam of a Lettuce to see whether Truss or the lettuce lasted longest added to the cam.

Then the health minister admitted illegally giving her mates (if only to claim she had mates) medical drugs off the books. She then said it should be a free for all.

As someone wisely said

It wasn’t enough.

And she resigned!

Once we’d finished laughing then came the ‘what next?’

Thankfully the party didn’t put it to the members so Bozo didn’t get it. As someone said, if you have more than 193 followers on twitter you have more of a mandate to run the country that Rishi Sunak.

Yeah, he’s rich and smarmy looking, but underneath he’s probably a decent guy.


*death from facedesk*

In an odd aside, there was a glimmer of light.

Out of nowhere, over 4 days, 2 Tory rags and a Tory MP went on record as saying Brexit had failed.

That’s how this government works. Put things in the paper, test the reaction, then build opinion. It seems to have gone quiet again, but I can hope.


There is more, so much more, in the Tory clowncar-crash news, but thankfully I didn’t screenshot it. There is a whole blog post on Ed Milliband tricking Truss into forcing a vote against her own party and constituents to reintroduce fracking, which Sunak has now overturned. But I’m not going there except to say HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Right, random twitter.

Critics reviews for some show I was thinking of watching. Maybe not.

Done! Ha!