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..You know I’ve been trying to get into the T.A. ? The Royal Logistics Corps, to be specific. To be more specific, re-enlist, was their term. Anywho, been at that since near the end of last year. I applied, they sent me a load of forms, I returned them, they had to dig up my previous army record and get a reference off my employer. Then I heard nothing for about three months. I thought that they’d decided they’d had enough of me last time. Out of the blue, I got a ‘phone call about two weeks ago from the T.A., they said they’d faxed a reference request through to my employer in January, heard nothing so tried again in February, still no reply. Could they have a personal reference? I gave them my mate, Jo, as a referee, and went in to HR to raise merry hell. Their excuse was; as I wasn’t leaving the company they couldn’t give me a reference. Apparently they’d passed the request up and down the chain of command, and basically sat on it. Bastards. When I was first thinking this would probably be my best bet for kick starting my driving career one of the senior managers I approached about the company policy on the T.A., mentioned that if I get mobilised the government sends them a letter to force them to release me for the duration, and they have to keep paying me! Hence their wilful delaying/ blocking tactics. Bastards. They T.A. immediately contacted Jo, who did me proud (I asked her to put ‘lover of women, slayer of men, driver of trucks’) and a week later I got another call saying all was well, they’d got my records back, come for a medical assessment on the 23rd of April! Woo- hoo! This could be just right. I don’t have to risk leaving a secure job, I get experience and possibly more training in a really professional environment, and they don’t quibble over you running the natives over! Also, I get to screw my works over! Deep joy. They asked if I felt confident about the fitness side of it, having to run a mile and a half in fourteen minutes, said ‘yeah, I keep fit with martial arts’. Went out this morning for my first run in years. Previously when I’ve done stuff like that I’ve at least had a base of fitness and stamina from push-biking. I worked out a course, approximately 1.8 miles long. I have been working through a really nasty enervating cold as well, in my defence. Anyway, I set off and within the first minute I thought I was going to have to give up and collapse gasping for breath. I didn’t. I looked at the patch of dirt in front of me, tried to breathe and carried on. It took me fourteen and a half minutes. So, by my (distance) calculations I’m within tolerance. I staggered back to the car, lungs burning, spit in strings, […]

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Doctor. Result!

I finally had had enough and decided, in desperation to see the doctor. I had another shitty headache yesterday and thought enough was enough. Given my track record with doctors (i.e. I crawl in, ask for help, get fobbed off) it was a last ditch thing. I had tried the alternatives; painkillers, doing nothing, and whining like a bitch, to no noticeable avail. So without any real hope of resolution I trotted off to the doc’s this morning. At least I could comfort myself that I had exhausted my options. Big surprise. All change down the doctors. It looks nicer, more professional. It’s still a pre-fab, but it has a look of solidity and roomy-ness. Previously it was like sitting in a bus shelter with sick people. Anywho, cosmetics aside, when I got to see her (the doctor) she gave me a thorough service. Prodded my head, took my blood pressure, checked ears, nose and throat, and most importantly of all, actually seemed like she had an interest in resolving my issue! Hoo-bleeding-rah! She reckoned it was either migraine or a problem with my snotter. She said the lining on my nose was thick, and it could be that that is preventing the mucus from draining, hence sinus pain. (Doctors, they have no fear of being disgustingly biological.) She had prescribed a sinus spray, with any luck that will be that. If not, I’m to trot back lickety-split (to quote Arnold Judas Rimmer off Red Dwarf) and we’ll go down the ‘tough tits, it’s a migraine, deal with it’ route. I am hopeful the spray will do it. That is way better than a brain tumour or something else that could have buggered my driving. The only down side is the spray goes up your nose, then a few minutes later dribbles down the back of your throat. Eugh! While I’m here and touching on driving, I met a chap I used to know from the night shift yesterday. We got to talking about where I was up to on my driving and he asked where I was hoping to find work. I said at ours (Iceland/ DHL). I said that they will take you for an assessment drive, maybe get in that way. He said he’s put his license in five times in the last thirteen months and heard nothing. Turns out he has a class one license (has held it for the last six years). That was worrying. However, he said he has points on his license. Hopefully that is why. A lot of the adverts state no more than six points, no drink driving. Mine is now clean. I didn’t think to ask, but it’s to be hoped that he has at least six and that is the reason they have shown no interest. Well, if not ours, I’ll get a job somewhere. I am going to have to work really hard not to pick up any points though. When I am driving that won’t be a […]

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