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Spring’s here!

Wow, what a lovely morning. I’m on 2-10 this week so I can’t enjoy the whole day, but I had two hours in the garden this morning and it was lovely. I’ve planted two lots of gladioli, calabrese (standard and quick heading), parsley and rocket. Yesterday I moved all the wallflowers from their overwintering positions into flowering sites, planted out red onion seeds, parsnips and cauliflower. We have daffodils flowering, snowdrops, hyacinth, crocuses and the remains of the cyclamen and hellibores. The forsythia is coming into bloom, the willow is putting out catkins and the fruit trees are all bursting forth. As is acer ‘orange dream’, which is only a baby (new last year) and it’s well outstripping the three year established acer ‘inabe shidare’. The garden is bursting into life, drying out, and starting to look like something other than a mud pit. Spiffing. If the weather holds until Friday I’m going to have a whale of a time in the garden. It’s my long weekend off, and Wendy will be at CAB, so it’s a full day in the garden dicking about for the Buckster. Doubtless there will be a snow storm Thursday night, and a blizzard all day Friday. So the garden is starting to be exciting again, I have my HGV lesson on the last day of the month, test again on the 1st. Hopefully that will be an end of it. Also my Russian is progressing apace (ie slowly!) Now I have to get back to the other ongoing commitments, Taekwondo, and doing my IAM car training. The TKD has been suffering from an extraordinary run of bad luck, and it’s got to the stage now where I expect everyone will have thought I’ve left and I face an embarrassing return. Got to be done though. Once I start again I will be OK, but at the moment it’s an awful temptation just to quit and have an easy life! NO! BAD BUCKY! The car thing as well. I now know I can pass the truck test (driving part) so it seems a waste of time taking the car lessons. Still, I’ve paid for it, and anything that gives me an edge is worth having. Right, got to go and think about dinner and getting ready for work. Live long and prosper, Buck.

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