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Irony is not O’Sullivans autobiography

Another quick one. After swopping my shifts (and escaping the freezer, huzzah!) and effectively working two weeks 2-10, I finally got to go to Taekwondo on Sunday. There we were all practising what we needed to pass our gradings. This should have given me a clue, as on the website it said the grading was the week before, when I’d had to work due to the (bloody) great escape. After putting me through my paces Sah bum nim said can you make it for the grading on the 29th? I was dead chuffed as I thought I’d missed it, said "oh yes", thought for a minute, then realised, that was the only day they could get me in for a (hopefully) final four hours training before my truck driving test. Bottoms. She said "it’s all right, we aren’t leaving ’till 12.30". My lesson is 12-4pm! Bleeding typical. I said that I had my HGV driving test that day (got it slightly confused off the top of my head), so Sah bum nim said "you’ll have to see if you can cancel it." (!) Two thousand pounds, near enough, a month or so wait for a re-test, and I should reschedule it so I can take a grading! OK, I would really like to take it (time is not on my side when it comes to succeeding at physically demanding tests) and I have to admire her single-mindedness, but real world I can’t not take this test! On the subject of driving licenses, today is the big day! My license is now clean, my endorsements have run out. I could send away for a new clean license, but it would cost £17.50, so I might as well wait until I pass my test and get it taken off when I get my new entitlement put on. I think it’s free, if not it saves paying for it twice. It’s not like I’m desperate for another job anymore. I plan on staying where I am until I’ve passed this test, the artic one, and seen a secure driving job. In the current economic climate I’m clinging to my job. Also on driving, I’ve put the Micra through it’s MOT, cost worst part of £400 to get everything sorted, MOT’ed and re-tested. Still, that should be that. And now I’ve stopped trying to slide it I shouldn’t crash it, thus should not need to cough up next time. I was cursing the crap-heap before I put it into the garage, then had to ride the six (ish) miles to work, then back, on a push-bike that’s stuck in top gear. My arse was killing, and the small of my back was that bad that I had to get up and stretch off after four hours sleep! I picked it up, and was stroking it saying "I love my Micra, I love my Micra." In work I have a problem. The boss has his two sons working on the department (Sugar Ray, and Stallone! […]

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