My Bad

This is going to be a quick one, got hardly any sleep last night and I’ve said I’ll work my day off tomorrow, which means I’ll not get a day off now till next Tuesday.

Anyway, had to write again as I have been dwelling on what I wrote yesterday. I was tired (as ever on the 6-2 shift) and ranting. As pertains to Luke and Mandy (his chick), that is. Been feeling guilty all day.

A more balanced view of the status of quid pro quo of favours earned and used would have to take into account the fact that this computer is one that Mandy gave us / me. This fancy monitor was given to us by Luke, as is an even fancier one he recently left for us. And what little computer literacy I have was learnt from Luke. I feel a bit of a heel in short. Still, I have a natural reserve of guilt so vast you could run a medium sized Catholic country on it, this is just one more drop in that vast ocean.

On the positive side, I had some brilliant news today. I was getting a bit concerned that I was running up all this debt for a job that only pays just over a pound and hour more than my current one. With the working time directive stating that you can’t work more than 45 hours (48?) per week, I was thinking that it was going to be a long time before the job paid for the training. Then I got talking to one of the drivers at work, and the hours per week refers to driving. So, with (paid) breaks that’s 53. Also all the hours you are sat around waiting for trailers and such is paid and not out of your 45 hours. He was saying that most of the drivers get £500 per week, and that he had earned 32K last year!

That is well worth running up the credit card for! OK, so it’s a lot of hours, but it beats having to work your day off, and the sweat and graft part is fifteen minutes per store, not constant for the whole shift. Good for my elbows, good for my bank balance. And he and another driver allayed my fears about driving such a big and scary vehicle. They said that once you’re used to them, trailers are easier to drive than rigids.

Right, sure there’s more but I have to hit the Z’s.