Kung Fu fighting

Just a quickie, details to follow. I had to go up town today to get a xmas tree, in the market I saw two flyers, one for Liu Gar Kung Fu, the other for Wing Chun. I rang about the Liu Gar, but it’s not as I thought Lau Gar (Gar just being Chinese for "Family") style Kung Fu, but a distinct style. And mainly full of kids.

The Wing Chun, on the other hand, is adult only, and the one I was going to start next year anyhow. It is, famously, the style taught to Bruce Lee, and is pretty damn awesome, just not as flashy as the older styles such as Lau Gar.

Anyway it is the same guy who is teaching both styles, and he has a class tonight. I’m off to try it in about one minute.


More anon.


… Later. (Meanwhile, back at the Buckcave…)

Well that was a huge anti-climax. It is all about the punching, blocking and generally hand work. It is a weight-on-back-leg, not flashy, workaday fight- winning martial art. A complete opposite to the weight-on-front-leg, head kicking, competition orientated, so flash and cool (yet real world, fight-losing) style of Taekwondo. 

Worse, it’s a class and Sifu (Chinese for instructor. You get to be a polygot in phrases such as instructor/master, training hall, and bitch-slap with martial arts!) where and by whom I have previously trained and been trained. (That last sentence doesn’t really work, but once I’d started it I was determined to finish!)

He didn’t recognise me.

I only left because of the getting drunk and lack of discipline issues, both of which I have in hand now. It looks to be a fair boring discipline (one of the chaps was saying Bruce Lee was bigging it up for the cameras in his films, the real art is small movements, carried out at lightning fast speed, just designed to win a fight, not to showboat at all. Bum.) but if I combine it with the TKD, the world is my lobster. Control the fight with Wing Chun, look cool with the Taekwondo.

So not exciting, but to be confident in a street fight situation, necessary.


Bedtime for Bucky.