The old ball and chain

Well I’m back at work these past two days. That was rough, going back and trying to graft, not sure if I would be able to make it through the shift or not. Still, I did. They all thought I’d got a driving job and was ‘phoning in sick, presumably to give the job a go. No such luck. Besides, as I have told them on many occasions, I am waiting until I pass my artic, and then trying to get a job at our place before looking for jobs further afield.

I’ve not managed to go to Taekwondo for about a month now. I missed the lessons on the week before my grading, and consequently the grading, and every time I thought I had a chance to go I’ve started feeling ill. I’ve certainly not been up to it since last Wednesday when my latest evil cold struck. I had thought to go tomorrow as I’m off and all, but Wendy was a bit put out. Apparently not only do I have to go to the hassle of going up town to the registry office tomorrow, but on wedding days it would appear one traditionally does not go to ones TKD club in the evening.

Bloody weddings. Last time for me I tell you. Way too much hassle, and you can’t get to your club. You should be able to do it on the internet. You can get a Thai bride mailed to you no problem, but you have to go to town to get married.

On the bright side, it is just the once, and it will be nice to see Jo (whom I’ve not seen in years) and generally get it over with.  It’s a shame Wendy couldn’t have hung in there another year, as it turns out she did want a big fuss after all. In a year we should both be bringing in relatively big bucks and therefore we could have made an event out of this.

If that’s what she wanted though it would have helped if (1), she’d have mentioned it, and (2), like I say, waited a bit longer until we had the cash to do something about it.

Still ‘we are where we are’, as an infamous war-criminal once said (yes, you, bLIAR). I’m not bothered, me. But if it would have made Wendy a happy bunny, that is the way I would have liked to have gone.

And if I can’t go to my club tomorrow at least we have two episodes of ‘Heroes’ to catch up on. I’m tired, I was having disturbing werewolf dreams last night, based around the character in ‘Being Human’ (the rather excellent series that ended on Sunday). Right, quick shower and bed. Hard days getting wed tomorrow.