Well, that wasn’t so bad!

Despite me wanting it to be quick and painless, with the minimum of fuss everyone turned up anyway (Wendy’s workmates, even her hairdresser, bless) and I quite got into it. We decided to go to a local spit-and-sawdust pub that is down the road from the registry office (Lisa, Jo and I were once regular denizens there) for a bit of a chat and a mingle.

Everyone was really nice, and gave us loads of money, (so much so I’m thinking of giving up work and becoming a serial husband) and it was really nice.

Luke and Mandy took a load of photo’s for us (the album is here:)

I’ll be posting a load of them on my pictures, so as to put names to faces, but I have to go to work this afternoon, so I am a bit short of time at the mo.

Also yesterday, we parked in a one hour, no return for an hour parking spot for about three hours and didn’t get a ticket! Yeah, even on my wedding day I’m a rebel without a cause! I fought the law and I won!

We have decided to put all that money everyone so kindly gave us into a holiday. Nip Scotland for a week at the end of May, early June. As this will be our second proper holiday in nearly fourteen years, we are quite excited.

Well, it was quite good fun, we are wed now, and everyone turned up and more.