Nazi apologists!

I posted this on my blogger blog, ( but I’ll post it here as well, as I’m not sure which one will win out.

There has been something of kerfuffle in these sceptred isles of late. A minority party of holocaust deniers, non-white deporters, and gay haters has been saying they are being unfairly portrayed as neo-nazis. In the interests of balance the BBC let their Fuhrer, sorry, leader, on to a political programme. Some thought this was implying a legitimacy to his views and granting a perceived equivalence to the mainstream political parties with whom he shared the panel.

Others laughed up their sleeves at the thought of him trying to rationalise the indefensible and relished the prospect of him exposing his views.

In fairness I have to say I didn’t watch it. I have pretty firm views when it comes to politics. Not necessarily on policies, but on principles. The point being; New Labour is too right wing for me, so I have no interest in anything the British National Party have to say.

That having been said, I did follow the story. Jon Snow (of Channel 4 news) said in his blog that the fuhrer was no match for the women on the panel. The impression I received was of a rout. Wendy’s brother and sister-in-law saw it and said he was reduced to incoherence.

All good and well. Job done, back to the normal run of politics, where the torturing, murdering, and war crimes are at least denied. And are done without thought to gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity. Equal opportunities fascism. Admittedly some are more equal than others, but if they will go around living where there are oil reserves or being vaguely brown coloured on the underground they are asking for it, really.

Back to the plot. All was well re the openly fascist party.

Then I went into work this morning. I work in a warehouse. This means I am paid for how fast I work and how much I sweat, not for having an above room temperature I.Q., sadly it means all the people I work with are the same.

There was only one topic of conversation, the bloody B.N.P.!

These Sun reading, Sky watching, never questioning sorts were all saying what a good job the fuhrer had done! One chap was quoting him as saying " You’re saying I’m a nazi, but my grandad was in the R.A.F. in the war, Jack Straw’s grandad was in jail for refusing to fight."

As though that was a point scored. If we were voting for their grandads that might have been relevant. It also sidesteps the issue of his grandad being willing to die to fight a country that was espousing the views he now professes.

Later in the canteen they were still banging on about it, saying that foreigners have more rights than the English and somehow linking the BNP to a P.C. backlash. Quoting all those dubious stories the sensationalist right wing press like to ‘report’. Taking it as read that all Johhny foreigners come over here and are immediately given dole and council houses while native (the unspoken implication being: ‘white’)English are refused everything.

Telling them that the Home Office stamps on the economic migrant’s passport ‘no access to public funds’ cuts no ice with these people.

All the stupid things that the P.C. crew have done in their overzealous attempts to indoctrinate the young; blackboards having to be called chalkboards, some councils not putting up Christmas decorations because it might offend people of non-Christian faiths, etc, etc. All of these are demonstrations that the (again, ‘white’) native Englishman is not free in his own country. All of these things will go away if one votes for the BNP.

To say I was miffed is an understatement. While I’m as irritated by P.C. as the next MAN (tee hee)electing the BNP is using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut. For a start you have to question the provenance of these stories, then you have to ask was that an isolated incident of a well-meaning tree-hugger losing the plot, then you have to explain that all the Eastern Europeans at our works are talking their own lingo amongst themselves as it’s easier for them, not as an insult to the native mono-glot Britain. Finally you have to teach tolerance and understanding of other peoples points of view, then shoot all the BNP.

So, that was my day at work.

Bloody depressing.

There is your answer BBC. Anyone with two brain-cells to rub together saw the fuhrer get ripped to bits and prove his views indefensible. The people who are his target audience, lacking the luxury of that second cell, thought he did a sterling job and see him as the great white hope. (You see what I did there?) The Sun is the best selling ‘newspaper’ in Britain, so the great unwashed are the majority.