Outlaw 2011

Last post on this, promise. And I’ll make it brief.

I have some images to show for my ordeal. Unfortunately they are not very good. They seem to show me being really slow, and in the case of exiting the swim, totally shell-shocked. Which is mainly because they are accurate.  Damn!


Anyway, here’s a snap of me on the bike, or as Wendy put it; “you look like a real one.”  Thanks for that!


And here is a video of me exiting the swim, (I was frozen and dazed, give me a break!) on the bike just after I’d braked into a corner and was finding my gear to get going again (looks like I’m doing 5mph, grrrr!) and crossing the line. I’d deliberately let that tosser in front of me have a 30 second lead as I thought the photographers would be snapping us as we crossed the line. I didn’t have enough in the tank to get a clear lead so rather than spoil his photo by being right in front of him as we crossed the line I eased off a little bit. I didn’t realize it was being video-ed, or that he was going to stand there like a be-hatch. Double grrrrr.

Anyway, here it is, such as it is:



Oh, and one other picture to stick on before we draw a discreet veil over this subject. Look what all that fun in the sun does to a chap;


The caption for which is “OW! OW! OW!”