Just a quick one. My last entry was all doom and gloom. Back on top now. Too much time sat around waiting for the agency to get me work.


I got the call to action yesterday. Back in, straight back on the road (in awful conditions) and I did fine. I settled into it and was a happy Bucky again.

This is good. Part of my worry was that as we are almost into the New Year there will be no work, thus I’ll have to start applying for other jobs. A daunting prospect, all those assessments.

Now I’m going to go and kick trucking arse. It’s just a matter of being careful. I can do the tricky bits, but I have to be slow and careful. 99.9% of the time I’m fine. So I just have to be triple sure of everything I’m doing in that .1% when it’s gets really difficult.


Positive Bucky.


To prove I’m all chipper, here are a couple of funny pictures people have just posted on Twitter.

A Northern pina colada:



And, Jihad dog disapproves of your extravagant New Year celebrations:


Jihad dog

And a random one that makes me laugh, (‘cos I’m a bastard!)



See? Happy Bucky.

Have a super New Year and enjoy it all the way up to the Mayan apocalypse.