Strange things are afoot at the circle K, to quote the philosophers Bill and Ted.

It had got to Friday morning and I thought I’d better start looking for other jobs. I rang one at Asda, early starts and good money but not ideal as the hours were “8 – 48” per week. If you got one shift  in a week you’d be broke, then there’s the hanging by the telephone… less than perfect but I rang anyway as they were desperate for drivers, shifts and times to suit you. No-one answered the ‘phone. *sigh*  

Still not too arsed, loads of jobs about. One would take me on, however poor the pay and conditions. Some advertising “meets minimum wage.” Not exceeds, meets. For a class 1 driver. Cheeky bastards.

I went in Friday for my last shift and the guy who was in charge of HDS (Home Delivery Service, not that that’s important) before they moved it to another site, (taking my job with them, bastards!) asked me if I was available next week. I said I was. Would I like to do a different run, starting in Irlam at 1400, pick up in Crewe, down to Kent, get tipped and reloaded, back to Crewe, trailer swap then back to Irlam.

Shit hours, 1400 till probably 0100 –0200 ish, but it pays the bills. I said I’d do it. I asked if it was just for the week and he said, “No, it’s ongoing”. Hmmm.


In several respects this is fantastic news. I don’t have to worry about money, or dicking about with agencies calling day and night wanting you to start at an hour’s notice, and, most importantly, if I’m doing the same run each time I only have to find it once. They sent me to two different places on Friday. I really don’t like it. It’s the only way I’m going to learn, but it is nerve racking for me. One of the new places was Crewe, so I only have to find one place and I’m set up for as long as this contract lasts.


The down sides are not inconsiderable though; for one I’ll not see Wendy from Monday morning until Saturday morning. Sorry, apart from a few hours on Wednesday, her day off. If I’m cycling in and back I’ll need a shower before bed, noisy at that time in the morning with Wendy trying to sleep. It is not much fun for me, either. I’d much prefer an early start, early finish. Then there’s the training. I can’t do swimming lessons in the evening as I’ll be working them all.


Needs must.


There is a local swimming baths that opens at dinner time. If I re-join Warrington tri club (and actually attend this time) they run a Saturday swim with a qualified swimming instructor, perhaps he could train me. So I could get lessons at the weekend, apply stuff learned during the week.

I’ve sussed a nice course for the bike ride. Instead of wasting energy on a 70 mile ride with only one lap of the evil hill ascent at Rivington I’ve plotted a 20 mile lap that is just the hill, up and down, and the ride back to the start. I tried it out yesterday. It’s do-able. I left it a bit late going, and I wanted a run as well, so I only did one lap, then a run up the hill and back down. Enough to get you sweating. If I go early  and start with, say, three laps and a run I’ll soon be up to speed.

Today I did that 20 mile run from just over the swing bridge on Walton drag to the top of Frodsham hill and back. My legs felt pretty good. Considering I’m only four runs away from 10 milers. I’ve done three 13 milers then last week a 50% step up to 20 miles. Once you’ve done it, less is, well, …less.

Still a poor time, 2:47.09, but I picked the pace up several times going up hill. That’s good.


Still not got the report back from the coppers, so no movement on the Canada front. They are giving Wendy problems over her passport. Want proof of name changes.


Strange days indeed.

Right, I’m knackered. If anything interesting has happened in the week my brain is not recalling it.