Another quick update.

Everything was going swimmingly, paying the card off, gone from £5K down to £2K, paid for washer and dryer this month, paid £379 for the car repairs and still paid nearly £600 off it. We were hoping to pay it off by the end of February.

I’ve joined a Karate club, (Still to pay the £60 for Gi, year’s insurance, membership) and ordered some MMA gloves and and pads (£59) plus there’s the £36 per month lessons fee. There was no work on Sunday for the last two weeks, but the first time I got an additional Friday shift to cover it. I only got a four day week last week. No Sunday again this week, I went in and did my Monday shift, at the end of which I asked for my start time for the next day as usual. Nothing for Tuesday. Oh. Or Wednesday. Thursday, Friday or Saturday!


A one day week is no use to me.

The thing is the trunking work is dying off as it’s the slack period and I’ve not been trained for stores yet. It’s just a matter of signing me off on the tail lift operation, (which I’ve been using daily as part of my checks) and showing me how to use the scanner thing for checking out deliveries.

I rang the office a few time on Tuesday, finally getting through. As luck would have it, it was the driver trainer who eventually picked up, I said I’d only got one shift due to not being store trained, so he’s going to show me and sign me off on Friday.

I’m taking this week as a break then, which is to say, training like a bastard on my Karate and the stretching drills of that sadistic little girl from YouTube and getting back to the sax. Screw the neighbours, what have they ever done for me?

I’ll see if I get more work next week with the store training. If not I’ll see if they are going to take me on. If that option fails as well, then I’m getting a new job. Hermes looks to still be recruiting. That would be a last resort, and as I’ve already left them twice they might not have me anyway.

Yeah, I’ve just looked again. There are agency jobs “guaranteeing” a minimum of 4 shifts per week, or 5/6 shifts per fortnight (for Hermes.)

We’ll not starve but I’m hopeful this could still work out. This is a foot in the door to a full time job, there’s not a whole lot of that about in this gig.


Oh, and I’m back on my diet. Which sucks big time.