Glorious English Reich.

Pig-shagger Dave has done it. Years back I said, with chilling prescience, of the EU referendum: “It’ll never happen. Thick people would vote out. They’ll never allow it.” So wrong. 

Along came Dave. I think he set the EU ref as a trap for the next government, never thinking it would be his. Others have said it was an attempt to woo back all the racist votes leaking to UKIP. Either way it was supposed to be a sop, a token. We were never supposed to leave.

Well done Dave, you have finally ensured the history books don’t list “shagging a dead pig’s head”, as your most notorious deed.

The Tories and the right wing press have been drip feeding the lies for years. Foreigners on benefits are taking your jobs, (a good trick to start with) they are all Muslim terrorist paedo rapists.

No wonder Johnny Knee-jerk abandoned all reason and voted out of fear.

Fucking good job.

They were promised £350 million a week of EU money would go into hospitals instead. That immigration would be stopped. That the ‘experts’, every fucking single one of them, were EU stooges paid to promote Project Fear.

Someone summed it up nicely on Twitter:

It’s 11.15 AM and so far…

1, Nigel Farage starts the morning by retracting the £350 million per week to the NHS claim.

2, Daniel Hannan the retract the claim  that leaving the EU will reduce immigration

3, £100 billion already wiped off the pensions, ISAs etc, invested in the FTSE.

4, The pound suffers the largest currency depreciation of any currency ever.

5, The Prime Minister resigns without mapping out a plan for implementing the results of the referendum.


The pound is now worth less than the Euro. Devalued by 11%. The UK is now no longer the fifth richest country in the world. Project Fear was wildly optimistic.


Worse than all of this, it’s given a mandate to the far right. The neo-nazi Britain First (DON’T SHARE THEIR SHITE ON FACEBOOK!) murdered a young woman MP who was for remain. UKIP/ Britain First/ Brexiters think they’ve won the argument. They won the EU ref, the trouble is, we were voting to stay in the EU, they were voting for “send them back”. 

Already reports of Muslims being harassed and people shouting “send them back!”

We have sacked Cameron and brought in an even further right wing government, backed by neo-nazis.

Also, this signals the end of the Union. All the Scottish voted to stay in. And the Irish. This leaves England calling for action neither of them want, voted for, or will support. The split seems inevitable now.


My final straw, at which I’m desperately clutching, is this is not a binding decision. Parliament has to approve it, and Boris didn’t want out either. He spoke at length about it in the past. Now he has cleared Cameron out of office hopefully he will find an excuse to call a second referendum. All the fuckwits who have now seen the reality of brexit will vote remain and we’ll all live happily ever after.

If not, then it’s untrammelled tories. Goodbye worker’s rights, maternity leaving, Working Time Directive, Human Rights. And Britain First mobilised on the streets, hunting down Poles and the dark skinned.

This could be Hitler, the early years. Bit of a rum cove, but sure it’ll be alright.

It won’t be.

I’ll make my stand with the foreigners. *This* will be your ‘rivers of blood’. I can’t stand by and do nothing.


I honestly thought this was such a biggie that even if they rigged the vote, they wouldn’t allow us to leave.

I have fooled myself for a long time that I had no fucks to give. In the face of neo-nazism I find, to my surprise, I’m made of fucks.

Sorry, had to get it off my chest.