We went to Scotland for a break last week. It was proper nice. We saw wild deer, visited Cawdor castle (Shakespeare or history or some such) and tramped about a bit. Quite splendid.



So that was all very nice.

I have to own I was missing my bike though.

I was glad to come back to my own bed and my bikes.

Yep, I’m old.


Forgot. The VFR750 has a dashcam thing. I left it running, in the rain, and captured this.


Oops, baldy bastard Bucky.

I explored the options. Try to look cool with a toupee:


but end up looking like this:


So it had to go. *sad face*


Or, in the wild


20170728_143400-PANO (2)

The full version of that pic is better, but you can’t see my hair. Which might be a good thing.


Ho hum, 51.  I’ve had a good innings.


I returned to work on Sunday, (12hrs 45), then Monday (12hrs). As I was finishing on Monday one of the drivers asked me if I’d got one of the full time jobs that were going. What full time jobs? I asked the transport clerks and they said they’d asked people about 2 weeks ago. While I was on holiday. Gutted. I’d already asked for full time the last time they asked, 4 months ago.

The clerk said to ring a manager today (Tuesday, my day off) and enquire about it. From the tone of the driver I thought they’d already given the jobs out. I rang anyway. He wasn’t in.

Then out of the blue a senior manager rang me. Which shift did I want?

I was caught on the hop, but tried to catch up with the conversation as it went on. He was talking like I’d put my name down, been through selection and got the job. He offered me 13.00hrs start, Sunday-Thursday, 11.00hrs, same, or 07.00-10.00 on a weird, rolling shift thing. I initially said the 7-10, but he said the rolling thing meant it was 4 out of 5 Sundays, and 2 Saturdays. He said to think of the weekends. Fair do’s. So I said if at all possible I’d like to go for the 11.00hrs,

Right, start next week. If they can get it up and running in time, I’m to have Saturday off and start on Sunday!

Bloody great!

There’s also an unconfirmed rumour that Tesco’s are have had enough of Stobbarts and are thinking of returning to in-house drivers. I wouldn’t mind the buy-out as long as we don’t have to work for the green terror.


The other thing of note. I was all excited as I booked my bike in for a full service, change the brake pads, and do the fork seals and oil. I booked it in two weeks ago. This was the first available appointment at this dedicated bike garage I’ve found.

I took the bike in this morning (day off) expecting to pick it up this afternoon. The guy said “We’re really busy at the moment, it’ll probably be ready next Thursday.”

Caught me on the hop so I just took it. It wasn’t until I was on the bus home that I started getting annoyed. They arranged and appointment for a couple of hours job, then say they are going to leave the bike standing for over a week before they even touch it. I could be riding it. And they arranged a date. It’s just not cricket.

The more I think about it the more angry I’m getting. I’m in two minds now, whether to leave it with them this once and never go back, or to go and collect the bike tomorrow.


I’ve still got the VFR750 to ride in the meantime. Unless someone buys it on eBay in the next 1 hour, 28 minutes. It’s been up for 10 days and I’ve only had one half hearted enquiry, so probably not.

If the 750 sells I’m picking it up.

I’m sure the bike will be perfectly sorted and good for another 5,000 miles (next oil change) when they’ve serviced it. But it grates.

So, mostly great news today.