Face as Flint.

More ups and downs with my training. I went out for this week’s fast run on Saturday and just had nothing. It was shameful. I don’t know whether it was starting off at race pace, not fuelling properly beforehand, wearing too hot clothing, all of the above or nothing, but I just couldn’t. I ran 1.6 miles and had to stop and get my breath. I turned around and came home. I was devastated.

On Sunday I got an early finish so forced myself out. I was going to do the 8 mile run I’d done the week before. Set off at a relaxed pace for a mile, a mile faster, faster, a mile breather then belt it back. 8.37, good start, 7.23, good, faster, noticed I was doing 6.45 pace, sod it, let’s do it! No breather, straight into race pace! I did the first half mile, turned a corner onto a straight and the wind was in my face. I had to dig in and really push, got 6.46, turned around and had to get my breath back at race pace. I had to use every mental trick I have to keep going (it doesn’t hurt any worse, just keep going to the corner, to that lamp post, done a mile and half, that’s three quarters, this is furthest I’ve done at this pace, another quarter mile and I’ll quit, etc) did it in 6.44. Redeemed myself. I had to stop for a few breaths, then continued at a jog for that mile. Got 8.10, OK, it’s back on, upped the pace again 7.32, and an extra .3 of a mile to make it a 10K in 47 minutes. All in all, pleased with that.


The other good news is after noticing my position on the bike on that picture I’ve given it some thought and think I’ve got it. There is a 4 inch bar that connect the headstock to the handlebars. I’ve ordered one on a 45% angle.

Screenshot_2018-08-21 FMF Mountain Bicycle Handlebar Stem 3 18x26 8x90mm   - 45 degree, Black eBay

(£10! Get in! Somewhat cheaper than a £2K+ TT bike.) Flip it upside down, that’s an inch drop for the handlebars. If that’s still not enough to get my back flat I’ve seen some handlebars where the elbow rests are basically resting on the handlebars (mine are an inch above) that would be £60.

And they are way cool. They look like a Klingon Bird of Prey.

Tri bars.

They look like this, when fitted:


That’s the brand name ones, but I have just discovered Chinese rip-offs on eBay.

Yay the Chinese!

Hopefully that will do me for a season, strip my bike down to basics, get a proper aero position, fitted shoes, and I should be good to go.

That’s running and cycling on track. And I started my swim lessons! And I went!

The regular guy wasn’t there, so some young girl was taking the class. I quickly got bumped up from ‘crap’ lane 1, where I said I should start, to lane 3. She said I was much better than I’d made out. That doesn’t inspire confidence, for a start.

I don’t think she addressed what I need, (getting the breathing technique, sighting, fluid stroke) but she was OK. I was still waiting for next week for the proper guy, then I got talking to the two others in my lane. They were both triathletes. the chap does sprint distance, the woman half Iron distance. They said they’d been coming a while and didn’t think they were any better. They did spend most of the lesson stood up chatting to each other while I thrashed up and down though. I’ll wait and see how it works for me.

If it’s not what I need I’ll quit and join a proper swimming club. They say for best results swim with swimmers, run with runners.

One thing though, the woman triathlete said, when I mentioned I wanted to get my swim to an hour for a sub 10, said “You’ll definitely get sponsorship if you do”

I don’t think I will, not at my age, but it got me thinking. I looked at the times a sub 10 at this year’s Outlaw would have put me best in my intended age group (55-59) *and* best in 50- 54!

Oh I hope this isn’t pie in the sky. Imagine actually winning something! Me!

We’ll see.

3 years of pure graft, but, if I can get the swim training I need, I think it’s *just* possible.