Getting Better.

Things are looking up. We had a day without rain, finally, yesterday so I took my bike for a spin. I was going to go to Snowdonia for some nice bike pics, but I got halfway there, stopped for directions and was a bit too ill to go  on, so turned around. The good news is, although it’s not a direct like for like comparison, on the first ride I did on the bike (fair nippy speeds down the motorway at high revs trying to find the power) I got 90 miles to the tank and was on my last bar of reserve. This time, after fitting the power commander,  I had done a day’s commute (mostly motorway) then rode into Wales, (motorway, fast A roads, then urban slow roads) and back, so a real mixed bag and probably more of a real world test, and I got 122 miles and was still on 2 bars of reserve! I did the maths, the first ride I was getting 28mpg, the second I was on 41mpg!

That will do nicely!

Also, since I’ve fitted the power commander, I’ve been tolerant of the acceleration, but not blown away. It is a *sports*/ tourer, after all. And from Mr Honda. Then I set off from the lights the other day, I hadn’t given it enough revs and nearly stalled. I slipped the clutch, built the revs and dropped the clutch. WHOA! Off like a scalded cat.

Sorry for doubting you, Mr Honda! It’s a hoot!

So that’s the bike totally sorted now. Big yay!

Here’s a snap from Blackpool.



As I say, I’ve been ill again. This bug seems to go around in cycles. You get a sore throat, it feels like it’s swollen up and you can barely swallow, then the next day you feel weak and a bit lousy. You get through that and you think that’s got to be the last time, I must be over it now. And then a week or so later you start again.

4 days ago I got the sore throat. The next day I felt weak, but it didn’t go away. I went for a fast run the next day, thinking I was fine. I had to stop after 2½ miles, I had nothing. Later on it the weakness hit me again. And yesterday I was so bad I thought I’d caught it again. I was so weak I cut my bike ride short (in the sunshine!), got home and went to bed for a bit. I had the confused panicky thoughts, and was just pinned to the floor.

Anyway, that was yesterday. Today I woke up and I think I’m fine again. On the bright side I had asked to work yesterday, but they knocked me back. That would have been awful.

I wanted to go for a run today, but I was scared of it hitting me while I was out. I did the gardening instead. I say gardening, there’s nothing to buy in the flower section of B&Q, so it was basically weeding. That turned into graft though as I found a problem horsetail grass incursion from next door. I tried digging it out and thought I’d got it and the root things, but then I looked on the RHS website and they said the rhizomes, by which they spread, can reach 6 feet deep! Oh. Got a job on, then.

I’ve done what I can for now. Apparently I’ll need to get some ‘tree stump killer’ strength weed killer and apply over a period of years. Which is super if my neighbour is going to keep infesting my garden.  Ho hum.

I forgot to catch up with Twitter and such when I did my last blog so here it is.

I briefly followed a yank runner, but she loved herself so much that she thought she could be mean to everyone else because of it. I quickly got irritated with her and stopped following her. Her trademark thing was always posting oddly angled “I love me” selfies for every run.


I did a before and after for one of my runs.


I amused myself, at least.

Something that’s been making me laugh is Bookcase Credibility


Screenshot_20200624-064728_TwitterScreenshot_20200713-121042_Twitter (2)Screenshot_20200630-134355_Twitter (2)Screenshot_20200713-135846_TwitterScreenshot_20200713-140151_Twitter


Which leads me on to politics, home



And abroad





But there was plenty of whimsy.

Historical whimsy:


IMG-20190908-WA0001 (2)

IMG-20190908-WA0001 (3)


IMG-20190908-WA0003 (2)

Motivational whimsy




Some wit from Forest Fr1ends




Avian whimsy




And the rest




2 months


7 months





Caught up. And I’m still feeling OK. See if I can run tomorrow.