Week 1

Goals (month):

Get to 10st 6lb.

Move 4DP profile to a harder setting.

Swimming: get floaty.

Goals (Week):

Lose 5lb – done.

Raise 4DP (hardness of turbo trainer on The Sufferfest) – too ambitious, not done.

Start swimming, 1 swim – done.

Reflect: Good week. I’ve never managed a diet before. I have serious issues about going swimming, so that was a major success. Due to me not being able to do an accurate 4DP fitness test with my trainer on the Sufferfest I can’t just try harder on the test and move my settings up a little bit, I have to use previously established results. The lowest one above where I am is a third tougher. I’ve been back training seriously for a fortnight, with a few weeks of commute riding before that. I’m just not able to raise my power by a third in one go, yet. I did manage to ride up Frodsham hill without going into the Ring of Shame today, so, progress.

Reward: My chippy tea last night. Guilt free.

Revise: Next week: lose 2lb, and do 2 swims.