Sub 3 April.

Week 1:

I’ve been off this week as Don and Margaret are staying with us. It got me confused so I did the actual plan days (Saturday/ Sunday) instead of doing them on Sunday/ Monday. I only realised today (Sunday) so I’ve accidentally missed a day’s training. Not sure how, but that’s 7 fail days on this cycle, now.

By the end of last week my knees were hurting pretty badly so I’ve gone into taper this week. I wanted to test and set my Half time but it’ s been blowing a gale. Yesterday the plan said 8-10K race. I set off for a fast 10K, and even though it was quite windy I was battering it, so I carried on for a Half.

Absolutely smashed it! 1.29:09! Battered the sub 1.30 with 50 seconds to spare! Happy bunny. That’s sub 3 pace for half the distance now. It didn’t feel too awful. It wasn’t like a 5K race, where you are dying and hanging on by your fingernails, it was managed and just hard. I think a lot of it is down to calories. I’ve been gorging the whole week. Definitely taking that onboard for race prep.

Today the plan was long fast run. 16 miles at mara pace +10- 20%. After yesterday’s heroics I was happy to scrape the bare minimum 8.12m/m, but I did it at 7.53. That will do Donkey, that will do.

Oh, and missing a day has put me in sych with the plan so I can taper exactly for Blackpool in 2 weeks.