Not being able to see the ‘phone I’m just guessing here, but here’s a few things to try.

Get to the part about the Wifi.

Turn it off and on again as described, wait for a second and your Wifi should appear at the top of the screen, make sure you are clicking on yours, not “Grogu is a Sith”. Yours should be written on the back of your router.

Before I changed the name of our to Grogu is a Sith it was BTHub6-F9WH

Then when it asks you, enter the wireless password (ours is kJLeiYGeuht, note the J, L, Y and G are all uppercase)

Enter it.

Press back button or the square one to return to the home screen.

After a minute you should see you are connected to wifi.

The left hand icon at the top right is your wifi strength, the bars, two over, is your ‘phone network strength (for when you are away from wifi).

If you have wifi icon you are connected.

To test it, swipe your home screen to the left of the right until you come to a search bar.

If you’ve not got one, pull up from the bottom of the screen and look through your apps. Click on the big G (might have to swipe left or right, might not be on the first page)


Tap on that, then in the search bar, type any old rubbish, if it shows results, you have wifi.

Then go into your Gmail. That will ask for you email address, enter it, then the password for Gmail.

That should be it. Try ringing your landline.

Don’t fret about it. Ask one of your church chums to help you out. It’s a lot easier to do when you can see what’s happening. Ask them to put Duolingo spanish, app on and Whatsapp. Then you can get on Wendy’s prayer group.

Once it’s set up it’s pretty basic. It’s getting it set up. Again, don’t worry about it.

Here, to cheer you up.

I asked Twitter if anyone had done the 100 mile run I have my eye on next year, and if so, what was it like. It’s 4 different 25 mile loops or legs.

Lots of encouraging and positive reviews from the men and women who’d done it, then this: