Sub 3 May.

It’s been an odd month. After the marathon I had 3 weeks of recovery training, then I started the Camille Herron training plan. I’ve been on that for 2 weeks. It’s the last day of May tomorrow, so it’s been a quiet month.

I’m not sure about the new plan. It’s 6 days a week training, about 8 mile every day, with a specialist day (intervals or hills or whatever) midweek, the rest all easy runs (some with strides) and a long run at the end of the week. My problem with the plan (apart from having to get up to do an 8 mile run before and 11+ hour shift) is it just doesn’t feel like I’m pushing myself. With the Advanced Marathoning one you bloody well know you done a bit.

It’s a 16 week plan so I don’t officially start it for another 5 weeks. I’m cycling through the first 7 weeks then I’ll do a test half marathon. If I’m making significant gains I’ll start from week 1 again. If not, switch back to AM, it’s brutal, but I know it works for me.

Also I’ve got runner’s knee (I think). Just a general soreness under my kneecaps, mainly the right one. I’m going to see the physio next Monday. He said it sounds like an inflamed tendon. That sounds treatable. As someone on Twitter pointed out, whatever he advises, I’m best doing it immediately if I’m to have the best shot of recovery and still smashing my goal.

I don’t like this limbo. I know all the pros do 80/20, and amazing times, but I just want to know I’m not losing all my fitness and speed. I’ve got an 8 mile progressive speed run (warm up for 20 minutes, 2 min at 8.45, 2 at 7.45, 2 at 6.45, 20 minutes cool down) on Thursday. I’m off work (so far). I might do 20 minutes, flat out 5K, 20 minutes.

A 5K is not overly taxing on my body. I don’t know if it’s a fair test after 3 weeks light duties and 2 weeks easy training, but if I was faster I’d take it as a good sign, so early in the plan.

I’ll see what Twitter thinks. Then do it anyway.