Never Learn.

I read an article not long back on Long Covid, and the thing I took from it was it was hard exertion that triggered it. Running is something to which my body is accustomed. I take an easy pace run, of whatever length, in my stride, as it were. It’s when I beast myself up hills, or when I’m sprinting, that I risk the incurring the plague weakness from runs. When I’m in a susceptible period, that is. I had months and months where I could do what I wanted and nothing triggered it.

Anyway, I thought I had got over it in January then I did two sessions on the bike turbo and wasted myself for weeks. I got over it again and got back to running. Then I got the rower… you can see where this is going. I did that one session as soon as I got it home, I started slow, set myself a huge catch-up target, then went flat out. That was after doing a hard run session earlier in the day.

I was in denial about feeling weak the next day, telling myself it was just hunger from doing too much, but it was there the next day as well. Yesterday I was tempted to row, but today was my long run day and I didn’t want to risk anything. Today I got up and felt alright. I set off, planning to do my 18 miles then a gentle 30 minutes on the rower. The first two miles I got slammed by weakness. It was getting worse and worse. By the end of the second mile I was making deals with myself, ‘just get to 3 miles and then turn back, that’s a third of the distance at least’. I dropped off the pace and it felt like I was just shuffling it out. By the end of the third mile the weakness had gone and I’d only actually dropped a few seconds off the pace. I kept going. Then there was a strong wind, then tachycardia which stopped my for 2 minutes, but I got it done.

The great thing is, my attitude was back. All last week I was struggling to run. I was counting down each mile and wanting every run to be over. I was getting worried that I might be about to quit running. Today, as soon as I’d got over the plague weakness, I was all ‘BRING IT, BITCHES!” For the first mile after the weakness I was worried I was going to get to halfway, get weak, and not be able to get back. Then I just dug in, said ‘I don’t care, I’m doing it’ and really enjoyed my run. I did a steady 30 minutes on the rower, and so far, touching all the wood, I’m fine. Rest day tomorrow.

I’m toying with the idea of going to work for Sainsbury’s . It looks a good job, great pay, with plenty of hours, but… I think the start times are from midnight. The advert says they also have shifts from 05.00- 10.00 start, but I’ve seen a lot of adverts for Sainsbury’s and they’ve always been 00.30ish starts. It’s the worst possible start time. I would have no life. Say 00.30 start, 12 hour shift, 30 minutes to get home, and hour to eat, shower, settle and go to bed, then you have to try and sleep from 13.00 until 21.00, then you have to be out the door for 23.45. I did that at Booker, took a huge paying shift that meant we had tons of money, but I ended up having to give up running and I was a sad bunny, slipping into depression, within months. I suppose I could ring and see if there really are later shifts. I’ve been waiting for Home Bargains to open their huge new RDC and advertise for drivers, that was supposed to be opening before xmas, but still no sign.

Right, I’m just waffling now.

Next week will be something to write about. My big run is 11 miles at 7.45, then 7, 6.55, 6.50, 6.50, 6.45, 6.45 then 8 m/m. I’ve failed that the last two times I’ve attempted it. I just couldn’t get my legs moving after 11 tough miles. This time. Must do it this time.

Watch this space.