After my week off after the marathon I’ve been back training. I did 57 miles last week, and a bloody hilly 18 miler today.

The good news is I think it was the trainers being a half a size too big that was causing the pain. I’ve been out for a bunch of runs in snug trainers and the pain has been getting a lot less frequent. I’ve ordered the same trainer as were giving me trouble, but in the true size. I’m hoping without aggravation the pain will stop altogether. It’s already way better. It stopped me on a run last week. Today was a lot of foot pounding down the hills and I only got a few bad pains.

I was planning on just throwing loads of miles at this period, between training cycles, but I need structure. I’m going to run through the plan again after tomorrow’s rest day. My new trainers, which I thought would arrive today, while we are both off, are coming tomorrow, when we are both working, because of the bank holiday. Super. It’s UPS, so it’s pointless trying to get their excuse for a website to work so I can rearrange the delivery. Meh. See how it goes.

Another irritation, that website that was selling the stainless steel exhaust system for my bike (for about £300) that I had bookmarked for when I needed a new one have sold out. I emailed them . They are not making them anymore. The one time I show some restraint and sensibly wait until I actually need a thing rather than just want it…

There are some systems about, from Japan and America, but they are over a thousand pounds! I am so kicking myself. They had them in stock and everything. I’ve emailed another company that used to make them, to see if they are doing any more. Failing that I’ve found one company that seems to make them to order. For £440. I’d buy a second hand stainless exhaust system, but the only one I’ve seen so far is from a bike breaker and they want £300 for it. Which was the cost of a brand new system. I know it’s cheaper than £440, but it’s second hand so you don’t what you’re getting, and I object on principle.

I had a blip with my diet. I did a big session, 8 miles run, 30 minutes rowing, 48 minute lap on the bike turbo on one day, but either I didn’t eat or enough or I triggered a bit of plague weakness, but the next day was intolerable at work. I ended up eating a flapjack and two cookies on top of my rations just to get me through. Back on it. I was 10st 3½lbs this morning. My plan is to get to 10st then eat. But stay off the biscuits and sweet stuff. That will give me the energy to train but I won’t be eating half a pack of biscuits on top of my daily rations. I should continue to gradually lose weight.

The only other thing of interest is I’ve been listening to some German techno music, thinking about a more up-tempo beat to power my runs. Favourable first impressions. One thing I heard, amongst the soundbites and snippets was the exhortation to “TANZ, MEIN KINDER!” (DANCE, MY CHILDREN!) That made me laugh.

Right back to the search for exhausts. Everything is open tomorrow so hopefully I’ll get an email reply, then consider my options.