Breaking News

Just a quick update on breaking news; I have been in a different department for the last two days at work, it’s graft and apparently everyone hates it over there, but compared to the freezer, I love it! The manager there told me what a good job I was doing, so I replied "gizza job!". Then today he was questioning me on whether I liked it, what shifts I worked, whether I liked it in the freezer.

( To prove that every cloud has a silver lining, I was able to convince him of my loathing for the freezer using that nasty incident last week as an example. He asked whether I liked it on that department, I said "it’s better than the freezer. Last week at Tae Kwon Do I was kicked in the bollocks twice in three minutes, and that was better than the freezer!")

Anyway I think he was sounding me out for a possible transfer. It’s boring, hard work, but so much better than the freezer.

The other potentially good news is that I have found out that Eddie Stobbarts will take you on if you have a class 2 HGV license (old money. Rigid big truck, the license for which I’m currently trying) and train you to class 1 (articulated) and give you a job upon passing your test. You have to stay with them for at least a year, but on the face of it that would seem ideal. Paid to train for a whole week, further training afterwards, and a driving job (the majority of the HGV jobs I’ve seen advertised demand a minimum of experience). I’m not sure what the catch is yet, whether it’s poor wages or what, but it’s definitely worth looking into (assuming I ever pass this current license!).

Oh, and I may be on my way out. I seem to have contracted a potentially terminal dose of man-flu! Poor Bucky! *Sniffs disconsolately*