Free at last, free at last…

Huzzah! I am free from the freezer! I have been permanently transferred to de-kit.

There are, as always caveats and addendums. Every silver lining has a cloud, but I’m free from the freezer, my worst ever civvy job! Deep and sincere joy.

The pea (s) under the twenty one mattresses, are that I was on 2-10, went in yesterday and the manager said I was supposed to be on 6-2 this week (so I had to double back -finish at 10pm, back in for 6am-) which has left me a tad tired. I’ll be off to bed as soon as I post this. Also he told me “and it was your day off yesterday” (which, inevitably, I’d just worked). This means I’m not off this weekend as I was on the freezer rota and have to work through to next Friday before I get a day off.

Which has the knock-on effect that I won’t be able to take my TKD grading on Sunday, and that’s that for another three months.

Ho hum. Niggly irritations.

Still, I’m in an OK job, that I can do, without threat of disciplinary action leading to being sacked, and I’M OUT OF THE FREEZER!

Oh, and it was my sinus’s. No longer done in with that.

Happy Bucky!