It’s over.

Finally got the definitive answer today.


It all started after I saw this (Initiatives, second one down)


Which, incidentally, was still up in the freezer rest room until a month or so ago.

I went through hell to get my licenses.I paid £5,000. I have been bullshitted for 19 months with promises and lies. I have been in on my day’s off, unpaid, just to show willing.

I went in today, after the latest buck-passing and prevarication, and Claire said “We’ve had the period review, and because of the damage and the cost of the insurance, we can’t let you drive for us without having two years experience.”


And that is that. She said as soon as she hears anything else I will be the first to know, but they are not going to say ‘ooh, we’ve not had much damage this quarter, lets get some newbies out there and really run the bill up’.

So I can’t drive for them to get experience, and without two years experience I can’t drive for them.



That’s over then.

I’ve already downloaded and printed off an application form for a class II driver. I’ll get that off tomorrow. Also I’ll have to get back in touch with the army, get that ball rolling again.


The tour is back on the table as possibly the only route to experience. Shit.


Bit bloody miffed, me.