Road rage

I saw  a link to this on Twitter.

Obviously my first reaction was one of jaw-dropping disbelief. Then I read a bit about it.

It seems some chap was following for two blocks, repeatedly trying to get past the cyclists who ignored him. The cyclists were on some sort of protest/ demonstration about how their world view of a cyclist utopia was the only valid one.

There are further reports that the driver was trying to get a kid to a hospital, but that sounds too convenient and is only a side issue anyway.

The real issue is; was it wrong?


Oh sure, the law says the car driver was a bit over zealous, but think about it.

I have been dwelling on it overnight. I thought of the two cyclist tootling along side by side, holding me and other traffic up, not giving a fuck until I nearly clipped one and screamed “HOW MUCH ROOM DO YOU FUCKING WANT!”, at them. Then they learned some manners.

I thought of the coffin-dodger car drivers who fanny around at 25mph, and how I’d love to smash them off the road. Or the gaggle of women (usually women, though not exclusively) who stand in the middle of the isle at Asda and chat when you are trying to shop. And how you just wish you had an axe so you could cut a bloody swathe through their ignorance.

It’s about common courtesy and the barest hint of consideration for others. It’s just good manners.

My conclusion therefore, is that crazed car driver is just doing what everyone would like to do. The cyclists wanted direct action and by fuck they got it.

I think maybe he is some sort of modern hero. An example to which we can all  aspire.


You are probably thinking I wouldn’t be saying that if some car driving twat ran me over, and you would be right. Because I would not be sat in the middle of the road deliberately pissing people off, therefore would have done nothing to warrant it.

Feel free to disagree or start a ‘psycho car driver for emperor of the planet’ page on Facebook.