Another Panic!

I’ve been looking at several race predictors and the science is that you lose 8% off your time when you double the distance. So I absolutely have to be 1.25 for a half to stand a chance. That’s 6.30 pace for the distance.

Right. I’m through with waiting for improvement. This week my plan is

I’m resting today. I’ll do the easy trots tomorrow. The 5x 1200m I’ll do as an 11 mile run with a flat out 5K race. I’ll do slow runs (8m/m) for the next two. I might skip the recovery run. Then I’m going to do a test half. I’m going to go out at 6.30 and just try and hold. It’s 15 seconds per mile more than I have done previously. If I’m rested, absolutely determined, and prepared to accept the pain, I might be able to do it.

I’ve just looked, my last half was 1.29:06. I ran a 1.29:05 in April. If I discount the Garmin blip of that 1.26, I’ve not made any gains in 5 months. That just can’t be right. My speed and fitness have to be loads better. I think it’s my capacity to push and suffer that has taken a kicking with Camille’s plan.

Watch this space. I’m through with this shit.