Wendy had to start taking some of her holidays so we both booked a week off work. Wendy promptly came down with covid. So that’s lovely. Obviously I followed suit.

She came over all ill on Tuesday, I had to get a test kit, but she tested positive as soon as it arrived on Friday, I tested positive the day after.

It’s dragging it’s feet. It’s Monday and I tested positive again today. Wendy’s barking a lot and has had painful ears and throat, and feels grotty. It’s making her low. I’ve only got a light dose. I feel a bit weak and tired and I’ve got a persistent tickle. The worst thing for me is trying to sleep. I’m having to prop myself upright because when I lie down I’m constantly swallowing and coughing. My funky new watch monitors everything I do, I’m not sure how accurate it is about monitoring sleep, but it said I had 21 minutes deep sleep last night, 5 hours 22 light sleep. I don’t know the ins and outs, but I am knackered for sure.

Up until today I’ve been bad trying to sleep, but when I get up and get dosed up, it becomes tolerable, and I get bored, so I’ve been out for my runs. Today is my long/ fast run day, the plan says to do 16 miles, 12 of them at marathon pace (6.50). If I was doing that I decided I wanted to focus my mind and go all out for a half marathon and set a huge new PB instead. Neither of those options seems achievable today. By now (13.25hrs) my boredom has been outweighing my illness and I’ve been going for a run, today I’m just too, too tired. Fail day, I fear.

I was kind of relieved to get it now, I was scared I was going to get it on race week or something, but I need it gone now. This is not convenient. My fitness is probably going to take a bit of hit with the lung thing, I need to get back to it.


I’m too tired to concentrate.