Brutal Plan

I missed one day’s training this week, it was just a recovery 6 mile run and I was busy renting a van and collecting a sofa for Lisa so I let it slide. But it was a tough week. Up at 06.20 to run 14 miles before work on one day, 21 miles long run (in the 7.30 -8.10 range, did it at 7.58). Hard. That’s the longest run of the plan and there are no more long runs with X miles at race pace, so it’s downhill to the marathon from here.

The positives are;

I’ve not really been bothered with the groin strain since seeing the doctor. Hopefully when I get my scan they’ll say I just pulled something and I’m fine. It wasn’t cancer and running isn’t triggering it, so that’s great. If I get the all clear I’ll slowly and gently incorporate rowing back into my training.

I’ve not been triggering the plague weakness. I feel a bit rough now, but it was a long and fairly hard run, I expect to feel achey and a bit hungry, but I’m not ‘lie on the floor and cry’ weak. You immediately forget about the plague as soon as it passes, but I feel rough enough that I’m reminded now. And it’s great not to have it.

I’m committing to doing the work. Getting up early to do long runs or doing them after work.

I don’t have much confidence for Blackpool marathon being a PB, but I reckon if I stick to this plan I could get sub 3. Interesting aside; it wasn’t until I was talking to someone on the socials that I realised I was doing the 55 mile a week plan last time, and Camille’s plan was based on about 55 miles a week. The plan I’ve jumped to now is 70 miles per week. Oops. That explains a lot.

Success is finding the price you have to pay and being willing to pay it. If I commit to about 70 miles a week, then cycling through the whole of this plan again before Frankfurt, I reckon I could make some big inroads on the sub 3. I don’t know what I’ll do when I finally get it. Maybe move into Ultras or fast Halves or competitive eating. Or just go back to random fun runs with no target. I don’t think I’ll try and maintain sub 3 level. It’s so much hard work and pain. Unless I reach that level and start finding it reasonable.

I’m starting to get old. And my BPD is a lot less with age. It was only just over 2 years ago I confidently announced I was going smash sub 3 that year. After 2 months of no running with a knackered foot. And I believed it. Just work, suffer, smash it. 2 years later and the BPD has dropped right off and I’m full of doubts.

The other thing is I don’t have to worry about the nights gig at Sainsbury’s. I’ve got 4 shifts next week at Royal Mail next week, that’s plenty enough to see us through. I’ll try and get a full time day job at Home Bargains when they finally open their Warrington RDC, but there is no immediate need to get a terrible job.