Getting Real.

I had another bad blip with my training last week, missed 2 days. Then I was back at it with a vengeance. One of the days wanted an 8 -15K race. It was blowing a gale (30+ mph winds) so I did a 10K run with a flat out 5K. Even with the killer wind I was only 2 seconds shy of a sub 20. (20.01), the next day was 18 miles at 7.30- 8.10.

I’ve only got two shifts this week so I am on top of my training. Good job, it’s 3 weeks on Sunday until my marathon. You’d think that means my plan is ramping down, but it’s 11 mile with 6x .6 of a mile sprints tomorrow, 15 mile the day after, 8, 6, 20. The good news is my watch has started revising my predicted marathon time downwards again. It’s been creeping up for weeks. Currently saying 3.07:12, which is 7.10 m/m pace for 26 miles. It all depends on my endurance. And the wind. Blackpool is on the seafront so it’s always windy. My PB is 3.15, so 3.07 would be halfway there.

Another good thing this week. I’ve got 2 pairs of racing shoes. I’ve got 2 pairs of shoes that are supposed to be racing shoes (one is wearing out the other is not so good for racing) and I’ve got 2 pairs of everyday trainers. The trouble is the everyday trainers, the one’s I should be using on all but sprints sessions and actual races, are not that clever. I had Saucony Speed 2 and they were great. Do everything. Fast runs, everyday runs, they were a bit uncomfortable after half marathon distance, but apart from that they were ideal. And they were hard wearing. I got 700 miles out of them. But when I got the Speed 3 they’ve lost their way. They don’t feel fast, they don’t throw you forward into a run like the Speed 2, they just feel ploddy. I got the the Asics Novablast, as they were supposed to be a good everyday trainer, and they are comfortable and durable, but again they are ploddy. They lack the Saucony ‘speedroll’ tech.

So I’ve got racers that are too flimsy for everyday training and everyday trainers that are too slow to be do anything but recovery runs. So many shoes, but the biggest part of my training needs wasn’t being met.

I risked my arm and ordered a pair of Saucony Triumph 21. They aren’t plated like the Speed but they have the speedroll design and lots of padding for long distance comfort. What a revelation! They feel like the Speed 2! Good if you want to do a long, fair paced, run. Better if you want to speed it up. I hope Saucony don’t mess this model up.

I’ll still get my miles out of the other trainers, they are not going to waste. The Speed 3 are on 253 miles, the Novablast on 370, my getting-old race Saucony are on 395, even the not good racer Adidas Pro have done 225 miles. I’ll literally run them all into the ground, but now I have the right tools for each job.

That was a long digression just to say I’ve got a new pair of trainers. But they are good trainers.

Right, I started this to catch up, but I’ve nowt to say and I’m tired. Another riveting blog ends.